Rejuran Healer – The New, Radical Skin Injectable Set to Challenge Skinboosters’ Popularity

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Watch out Skinboosters, there might be a new sheriff in town. Rejuran Healer is a relatively new skin injectable developed in South Korea that aims to improve skin elasticity, repair damaged skin cells and reduce skin sensitivity. Rejuran Healer has gained immense popularity in Singapore thanks to the various satisfies customers that can attest to the effectiveness of the product. Cambridge Medical Group an aesthetic clinic located in Ngee Ann City, 391B Orchard Road, #08-05A1, Tower B was one of the first clinics that started offering Rejuran in Singapore with its service called Rejuran Skin Healer – 婴儿针.

What is Rejuran Healer, exactly?

Unlike Skinboosters, whose primary ingredient is hyaluronic acid, Rejuran Healer contains polynucleotides which are extracted from salmon DNA. Several studies have shown the various beneficial effects of salmon DNA on human skin, such as the improvement of skin elasticity and the repair of damaged skin cells. From the name of the injectable itself, Rejuran Healer aims to heal various skin defects, such as acne scars, wrinkles and sensitive skin.

However, be informed that Rejuran Healer is not a filler, i.e. it does not add volume to your skin and cannot be used to lift your cheeks or remove laugh lines. It is this distinction that makes it different from hyaluronic acid-based injectables such as Skinboosters.

What benefits can I expect from Rejuran Healer?

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Rejuran Healer offers several benefits for your skin, including:

  • repair and rejuvenation of damaged skin cells
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • improvement of skin tone
  • improvement of skin texture
  • restoration of skin balance
  • reduction of skin sensitivity
  • treat various skin problems, such as acne scars, large pores, and wrinkles

Besides this long list of benefits, several cases have shown that Rejuran Healer also has skin whitening effects and can keep skin looking young and healthy.

How does Rejuran Healer work its magic?

It’s not magic, it’s science. Rejuran Healer contains polynucleotides which are biological molecules found in all living things. Several scientific research studies have shown the various healing properties of polynucleotides, such as:

  • healing wounds in humans and animals
  • treating autoimmune conditions
  • fixing skin pigmentation problems
  • reversing hair loss
  • healing diabetic foot ulcers

Rejuran Healer harnessed these healing properties to treat the skin and has been a huge medical success. Polynucleotides promote the growth of skin cells by providing favourable conditions for the process. Microcirculation is improved within the skin, which makes it easier for oxygen and nutrients to arrive in the skin.

This in turn restores the extracellular matrix and accelerates cell repair and tissue regeneration.  The accelerated skin regeneration and repair results in increased skin tightening and create a shield against several factors that can damage the skin and reduce skin quality.

Is Rejuran Healer safe?

Polynucleotides are biocompatible, and thus, are not treated by the human body as foreign objects. Several studies have also shown that polynucleotides, in general, are safe to use by humans for the various benefits they provide.

Because Rejuran Healer is made of ingredients derived from natural sources, it is said to be one of the safest skin injectables in the market. There may be a few side effects, such as some mild swelling on the treated area, but these disappear within 3 to 7 days.

Who are suitable candidates for Rejuran Healer injections?

Rejuran Healer’s main calling card is the healing and protection of the skin and thus, the following are suitable candidates for the injectable:

  • people with ageing skin
  • people with large and open pores
  • people who have wrinkles
  • people with thin or sensitive skin
  • people with acne or scarring
  • people who want to keep skin looking young and fresh

How is Rejuran Healer injected?

Rejuran Healer Face Treatment

The process in injecting Rejuran Healer is very similar to other skin injectables.

First, the treated area is cleaned and disinfected. A numbing cream is then applied to reduce the feeling of pain and discomfort during the injections. Depending on the skin condition of the patient, Rejuran Healer is then injected into the treated area either manually or using an injector gun. Most doctors will then use infrared light technology to soothe the patient’s skin after the injections. The infrared light also helps in reducing swelling and redness, which can occur on the patient’s treated skin.

How long is the downtime after the injections?

As there may be some temporary swelling or redness, as well as needle bumps or marks, it is advised that patients take 2 to 3 days off to recover and rest. Patients can, however, choose to resume their daily activities after the injections as long as the side effects do not bother them that much. Ask your doctor about it to be sure.

How soon should you expect results? And how long do they last?

Any skin healing procedure takes quite a bit of time to show its results, and in the case of Rejuran Healer, results should show up within 4 weeks after the injections. To ensure that results last for a long time, a series of 3 Rejuran Healer injection sessions spaced 4 weeks apart is recommended. Effects last as long as 9 months, and maintenance injections are usually repeated every 6 to 9 months.

Can you combine Rejuran Healer and Skinboosters?

Interestingly, since the two skin injectables provide distinct benefits to the skin, a lot of doctors recommend their combination to combat skin ageing and other skin issues. They work together to solve different problems and thus would not interfere with each other’s effects. Patients can choose to have Rejuran Healer and Skinboosters injected in the same session or separately.

Rejuran Healer is relatively a newcomer in the skin injectable scene and expects several innovations in the future.

Although several cases have shown its effectiveness as a skin injectable, Rejuran Healer and polynucleotides are continuously studied by medical researchers. This could lead to several breakthroughs in the future and may result in it being used for other benefits.

Despite its relative newcomer status though, Singapore has embraced the love for Rejuran Healer. More and more doctors and clinics each day have offered Rejuran Healer in their services. Talk to your dermatologist today and find out whether Rejuran Healer is a good choice for you.