Eye Bag Reduction in Singapore – What to Expect

Woman with eye bags looking at mirror

They say that our eyes are the windows to our soul. True or not, one thing that our eyes can affect is the way we look. One major problem most of us have is the existence of those swollen and unflattering eye bags.

Having eye bags can make us look tired and without sleep-even if we have just woken up from a straight 8-hour snooze. For women, those dark under-eye circles can easily be covered with makeup to hide them from sight. But that can be pretty much tiring when done every single day. Perhaps you are asking, “Is there a much effective way to get rid of eye bags?”

Fear not! This article has the answers on how to make the areas under your eyes look less like puffy pillows, so read on!

What is an Eye Bag?

asian man with eyebags

An eye bag is a condition that affects the tissues in the area located under the eyes that results to a puffy or swollen appearance and creates a hollow portion beneath the fat that may reach the upper part of the cheeks.

What are the factors that cause eye bags?

As Dr Edwin Lim from Edwin Lim Clinic in Singapore points out, there are several factors that cause eye bags. Take for instance lack of rest and sleep, severe stress, and fatigue. Aside from these, eye puffiness can also be caused by ageing, excessive alcohol consumption, or venous fluid build-up.

What procedures are there for eye bag reduction or removal in Singapore?

There are two common procedures for eye bag reduction in Singapore. These are:

  1. Surgical Removal
  2. Dermal Fillers

How is surgical removal performed on eye bags?

Surgical removal of eye bags is done by creating a small incision under the eyes and extracting the excess fat that is causing the skin in the lower eyelid to look swollen or puffy.

How do dermal fillers work to reduce the appearance of eye bags?

Under eyes fillers for eyebags

Dermal fillers are injected to fill into the hollowed portion of the area under the eyes with the use of injections, thereby reducing the appearance of eye bags.

Dermal fillers are the best choice for patients who wish to get rid of their eye bags without going under the knife. This procedure is highly effective and, unlike surgery, has little need for downtime. Likewise, dermal fillers are great in keeping the skin hydrated with the help of its main component, Hyaluronic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid also enables the skin to stretch, which improves the existence of wrinkles around the eye area.

Which is better, surgical removal of eye bags or injection of dermal fillers?

If you wish to have the optimum results in getting rid of eye bags and have no qualms in going under the knife, then eye bags removal through surgery is your best option. However, if you want a non-invasive procedure that requires less downtime and risks, go for dermal fillers. Regardless of what procedure you take, be reminded that these should only be performed by licensed and trained doctors to ensure your safety.

What results should I expect when going for dermal fillers?

Results are immediately seen right after a dermal filler procedure. You can expect to see that the puffiness under your eyes has reduced significantly as the hollow area is already filled with the fillers.

Are there side effects when getting dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of eye bags?

Temporary side effects can be present after a dermal filler procedure for eye bags. Asymmetry and swelling may be observed in both eyes. Asymmetry happens when one eye looks slightly bigger than the other due to swelling. This is a common occurrence caused by Hyaluronic acid as they absorb water molecules. This condition will gradually subside in the following days.

What are the risks of getting fillers to reduce the appearance of eye bags?

The risk of getting botched results is higher when a procedure is handled poorly as with any kind of aesthetic treatment. The following are the risks one should look out for to know whether the dermal filler procedure is not successful:

  • Sausage-shaped bump on the treated area – the appearance of this shape means that the filler injected is more than the ideal amount needed for the treatment. As a result, the puffiness or swelling of the eye bags will look worse.
  • Severe bruising – this happens when the procedure is done by a doctor that lacks experience and skill.
  • Tyndall’s effect – this condition occurs when the wrong type of filler is injected under the surface of the lower eyelid. A bluish or yellowish shade appears on the injection area when this happens.

How long do the results of dermal fillers last?

When done excellently, results of dermal fillers should last from 7 to a maximum of 9 months.

How much is the cost of eye bags fillers in Singapore?

The range of cost for dermal fillers used to reduce eye bags is $600 to $1200 per syringe. The cost is affected by the brand of filler and the type of syringe used.